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WFL Commissioner Gary L. Davidson interviewed by ABC Sports Howard Cosell

The World Football League Website is proud to offer these classic interviews with former WFL players and coaches. These interviews once appeared on the former WFL Hall of Fame Website, and were conducted by Jim Cusano and myself (Richie Franklin). The interviews were done over the telephone, and we want to thank everyone who took the time to speak with us and share their stories and experiences in the World Football League.

The Players and the Story of the World Football League

Gary L. Davidson Chris Hemmeter
Tommy Reamon Virgil Carter
George Mira JJ Jennings
Anthony Davis Bob Davis
John Land Bubba Wyche
Ed Marshall Mark Kellar
Jack Pardee John McVay
Tommy Durrance Dave Roller
Eric Patton Ron Coppenbarger
Greg Barton John Moseley
Vince Papale Danny White