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Portland Storm/Thunder Reunion

Thee Portland Storm/Thunder are organizing a WFL team reunion. All former Storm/Thunder alumni that may be interested please contact Jim Krieg.

The group photos below are from World Football League team reunions. The New York Stars /Charlotte Hornets were the first WFL team to hold a reunion. It was held in July of 2002. The Stars/Hornets held another gathering in July 2005.

The Birmingham Americans/Vulcans reunited at the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame in July of 2004, and the Memphis Southmen also held a team reunion in August of 2004. The WFL Web site would like to help organize a league reunion for the 40th anniversary in 2014. Sign the guestbook, and let's get started!

1974-1975 New York Stars/Charlotte Hornets

Reunion: July 19-21, 2002
Location: South Park Hotel, Charlotte, NC

L to R (standing) Tom Sherman, Kreg Kapitan, Jere Brown, Dana Carpenter, Tom Chandler, Darrel Bunge. (Sitting) Herb Gluck, Greg Lens, John Elliott, Head Coach Babe Parilli, Robby Reynolds, and Art Reynolds (Missing; Coach Lamar Leachman and Larry Butler)

Photos from the Stars/Hornets WFL Reunion

1974-1975 Birmingham Americans/Vulcans

Reunion: July 9-10, 2004
Location: Alabama Sports Hall of Fame

(Standing L to R) FB Carl Bartles, DB Larry Willingham, Assistant Coach Wayne Grubb, DT Bob Taterak, QB George Mira, LB Warren Capone, OL Gary Gennerich, LB Jim Teal. (Sitting) WFL President, General Counsel Don Regan, Event Organizer Greg Allred. Not shown: QB Matthew Reed, WR Dennis Homan, DB Cecil Leonard, Trainer Drew Ferguson, Radio Play-by-Play Larry Matson, and Widow of owner A.E. "Pee Wee" Burgess Mary Ruth Burgess.

Photos from the Americans/Vulcans WFL Reunion

1974-1975 Memphis Southmen

Reunion: August 6-8, 2004
Location: Memphis Marriott Downtown, Memphis, TN

Front Row Ed Marshall, Coach Jay Fry, Tom Kruyer, Tim Beamer, J.J. Jennings, Coach Joe Eaglowski, Head Coach John McVay, Coach Joe Galat. (Back Row) Paul Miles, John Huarte, Fest Cotton, Merle Code, Jerry Carter (Trainer), Sonny Hicks, John LeHeup, Roger Wallace, Ron Mikolajczyk, Jake Burkhardt, Cecil Pryor, Bob Lally, Seth Miller, Gary Shirk, Justin Canale. (Missing; Wally Highsmith).

Photos from the Southmen WFL Reunion

1974-1975 New York Stars/Charlotte Hornets

Reunion: July 22-24, 2005
Location: The Park Hotel, Charlotte, NC

L to R (Standing) Tom Wilkinson (Trainer), Gary Danielson, Moses Lajterman, Gerry Philbin, Art Reynolds, Robby Reynolds, Kent Pederson, Tom Sherman, James Thompson, and Herb Gluck (Author - While the Gettins Good) L to R (Sitting) Bob Hermanni, Head Coach Babe Parilli, and Al Young. (Missing; Carl Bartles and Cliff Greenfield).

Photos From the Stars/Hornets WFL Reunion

1974-1975 Philadelphia Bell

Reunion: October 29-31, 2010
Location: Chickie's & Pete's Crab House and Sports Bar

L to R (Standing) Ron Kecman, Len Izzo, Mike Fox (Equipment Manager), Bob Paschall, Bob Cooper, Curt Kral, Herb Lynch, Frank DiMaggio, Ron Holliday, Ben Hawkins, Vince Papale, Mike Yancheff. L to R (Sitting) Bill Craven, Head Coach Ron Waller, John Land and Frank Polito.

Photos from the Bell WFL Reunion

1974-1975 Southern California Sun

Reunion: February 25-26, 2011
Location: Atrium Hotel, Irvine, California

Front Row (Sitting - L to R): Kermit Johnson, Clay Jeffries, Terry Lindsey, James Baker, Greg Moses, Keith Denson, Mike Ernst, Coach Dick Enright, Curley Morrison ('74 GM), Booker Brown.

2nd Row L to R: Ed Kezirian, Robert Ferrell, Kevin O'Grady, Coach Tom Baldwin, Bill Kramer, Alonzo Emery, Tony Adams, Jack Conners, Eric Johnson, Ted Seifert, Greg Marderian.

3rd Row L to R: Chuck Bradley, Joe Carollo, John Hoffman, Mike Ryan, Younger Klippert, Eric Patton, Dave Williams, Neal Skarin, Mike Biscotti.

4th Row L to R: Rick Kukulica, Art Kuehn, Ike Harris, Tim Guy, Mike Ballew, Ken Lee, Gary Valbuena, Charles DeJurnett, Cephus Weatherspoon, James McAlister, Ed Weatherspoon. (Missing Rudy Holmes).

Photos from the Southern California Sun Reunion

1974-1975 Southern California Sun

Reunion: February 8-10, 2013
Location: Aquarius Casino/Hotel, Laughlin, Nevada

Front Row (L to R) Eric Patton, Terry Lindsey, Coach Tom Baldwin, Eric Johnson and Benny Ricardo.

Back Row (L to R) Norm Hainlen, Ken Lee, Kevin Grady and Jim Baker.

Photos from the Southern California Sun Reunion