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1975 Season Book

The World Football League rose from the ashes of the 1974 season like a Phoenix. Led by Chris Hemmeter, the WFL reorganized and set forth to put together a competitive and financially stable league. The WFL incorporated the "Hemmeter Plan", a plan that paid players a percentage of gate receipts, to create a stable financial environment and a foundation for future growth. The WFL announced that the Birmingham Vulcans, Memphis Southmen, Jacksonville Express, Philadelphia Bell, Charlotte Hornets, Southern California Sun, Chicago Winds, Portland Thunder, Shreveport Steamer, San Antonio Wings and the Hawaiians would compete in 1975. The WFL also boasted the arrival of Larry Csonka, Jim Kiick and Paul Warfield to the Memphis Southmen; Calvin Hill to the Hawaiians; Ted Kwalick to the Philadelphia Bell; John Gilliam to the Chicago Winds; Anthony Davis and Daryle Lamonica to the Southern California Sun and the return of '74 stars Matthew Reed, Tommy Reamon, Rufus Ferguson, Mark Kellar, Dave Roller, Jim Nance, JJ Jennings, Tim Delaney, and a cast of others. Despite the positive outlook for the season, the WFL would go into 1975 without a national television deal.