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1975 Season Book - Exhibition Season

The World Football League embarked on its second season with a schedule of exhibition games slated for July 5th thru July 27th. There are a total of twelve games. Nine of the eleven clubs played two games. The Memphis Southmen and Southern California Sun each played three games.

During the exhibition season the WFL tried out several rule changes. Field goals that are kicked inside the 10 yard line count as 1 point. Field goals that were kicked between the 10-30 yard lines are 2 points and field goals outside the 30 yard line will continue to count as 3 points. This is to encourage teams to go for touchdowns when inside the twenty. To allow wide receivers to find running room in the secondary and to discourage the eight man zone pass coverage, defensive teams will be required to have a minimum of four defensive players on the line of scrimmage in a three or four point stance on third down play. The league owners voted at the end of the exhibition season to determine if they will alter the rules.

The league also attempted to incorporate color coded pants. Players will wear color pants according to their position. Quarterbacks and kickers will wear white pants, running backs will wear green, receivers will wear orange, offensive lineman will wear purple. Defensive lineman will wear blue, linebackers in red and defensive backs will wear yellow pants. The league scheduled four games to sample the color coded pants. The games are as follows:

July 19, 1975 - Memphis Southmen @ San Antonio Wings
- Southern California Sun @ Philadelphia Bell
July 26, 1975 - Hawaiians @ Jacksonville Express
July 27, 1975 - Philadelphia Bell @ Portland Thunder

With less then three months since World Football League announced that there would be a WFL in 1975, Chris Hemmeter, President of the World Football League said; "In just a brief period of time we have made outstanding progress in shoring up this new enterprise. We think we are going to offer an exciting, innovative brand of football."

July 5th: Southern California Sun 36, San Antonio Wings 31

Daryle Lamonica in his WFL debut

This game marked the beginning of the World Football League exhibition season in which twelve games are scheduled. Former USC All-Americans Anthony Davis and Pat Haden kicked off where they left off from last January's Rose Bowl victory over Ohio State University. Haden led the Sun on a 96 yard drive with less then four minutes left in the game. Attempting to pass to running back Gary Dixon who slipped on the turf, Haden kept the ball and ducked into the end zone for the winning score. Haden finished the game completing 7 of 13 passes for 114 yards. His former Trojan teammate Anthony Davis rushed for 62 yards on 16 carries. Davis also had a 64 yard kickoff return which led to a Sun touchdown. Former Oakland Raiders quarterback Daryle Lamonica started the game for the Sun. Lamonica who sat the bench in Oakland last season said, "It sure felt good to play again." Lamonica passed for 105 yards and a touchdown pass. He completed 8 of 13 passes. Both Sun quarterbacks were overshadowed by the Wings Johnnie Walton. Walton threw for 250 yards and 3 touchdowns. Backup quarterback Jim Ettinger threw for 93 yards and a touchdown. Wings coach Perry Moss said, "I can't fault my defense even though the Sun got almost 400 yards. They're in their second year. We are a first year team." Sun head coach Tom Fears said the Wings passing success was due to injuries to his secondary and added, "We've had a lot of injuries. Our defense against the pass was pathetic but against the run, San Antonio couldn't do a thing." Starting outside linebacker Jim Baker played safety in the second half.

San Antonio Wings; Passing - J. Walton 16-33-250-3t-1i, J. Ettinger 5-8-93-1t-0i; Rushing - J. Strong 8-29, B. Sadler 5-9, J. Walton 2-3, Gonzales 4-4, Alberts 3-8; Receiving - Shanklin 5-81-1t, J. Strong 5-64-2t, W. Frazier 2-64, D. Morris 2-55-1t, Ed. Richardson 2-38, Alberts 2-21, B. Sadler 2-1, D. Yaege 1-21.

Southern California Sun; Passing - P. Haden 7-13-114-0t-1i, D. Lamonica 8-13-105-1t-0i; Rushing - A. Davis 16-62, G. Dixon 11-60-1t, G. Herd 7-15-1t, B. Kramer 3-14, D. Shy 1-1-1t, K. Denson 1-1, P. Haden 3-8-1t; Receiving - D. Williams 4-87-1t, K. Denson 3-54, C. Bradley 2-25, A. Davis 2-20, B. Kramer 2-1, T. Lindsey 1-16, J. McKay 1-16.

San Antonio Wings Southern California Sun
First Downs 18 23
Rushes-Yardage 22-29 42-143
Passes-Yardage 343 219
Return Yards 130 199
Passes 21-42-1 15-26-1
Punts 6-33.8 5-34.6
Fumbles-Lost 2-1 1-0
Penalties-Yardage 8-125 13-106

July 12th: Jacksonville Express 34, Chicago Winds 23

Chicago Winds debut at Soldier Field against Jacksonville

The Jacksonville Express scored a 34-23 exhibition victory over the Chicago Winds before 2,500 in the pouring rain at Soldier Field, Chicago. Running back Tommy Reamon bulled his way to a 100 yard game and rushed for three touchdowns. Quarterback George Mira threw three interceptions, but a strong Express running game lead Jacksonville to victory. The Winds offense was throttled throughout the game as the only offense was off the throwing of Chicago quarterback Pete Bethard. Winds receiver John Gilliam who came over to the WFL from the Minnesota Vikings caught his first touchdown pass of the exhibition season.

Jacksonville Express; Passing - G. Mira 8-24-65-0t-3i, D. Fowler 0-1-0-0t-0i; Rushing - T. Reamon 18-103-3t, A. Haywood 20-96, W. Jackson 2-11, R. Lake 1-6; Receiving - D. Hughes 3-23, T. Reamon 2-12, S. Davis 1-15, A. Haywood 1-8, S. Barrios 1-7.

Chicago Winds; Passing - P. Beathard 9-25-127-1-t-3i; M. Daigneau 0-2-0-0t-1i, Krull 3-9-51-1t-0i; Rushing - M. Kellar 16-58-1t, C. Pinder 12-58, J. Ford 5-14, M. Daigneau 1-1, T. Gillespie 1-2; Receiving - J. Gilliam 3-52-1t, J. Mitchell 2-37, M. Adkins 2-19, M. Kellar 2-19, T. Gillespie 1-20-1t, J. Gessford 1-18, L. Crittenden 1-13.

Jacksonville Express Chicago Winds
First Downs 14 20
Rushes-Yardage 49-244 35-129
Passes-Yardage 65 178
Return Yards 88 105
Passes 8-25-3 12-36-4
Punts 6-38.6 6-37.5
Fumbles-Lost 3-2 2-2
Penalties-Yardage 8-65 4-35

July 12th: Hawaiians 32, Charlotte Hornets 14

Calvin Hill in his WFL debut against Charlotte

The Hawaiians made a successful debut at Honolulu Stadium defeating the Charlotte Hornets 32-14 before 16,000 fans. Former NFL running back Calvin Hill scored the first touchdown of the game for the Hawaiians on a two yard run, and finished the game with 46 yards on 10 carries. The Hawaiians exploded for 22 second quarter points on the strength of the running game- also fueled by Vince Clements- and a number of Charlotte fumbles. The Hawaiian defense closed out the game's scoring when linebacker John Ketchoyian intercepted a Gary Danielson pass and returned it 60 yards for a touchdown.

Charlotte Hornets; Passing - B. Dowling 7-12-50-1t-0i, G. Danielson 7-16-79-0t-1i; Rushing - J. Sykes 16-32, C. Bartles 7-29, D. Highsmith 4-18,B. Dowling 3-11, B. Gladieux 5-11, L. Jolley 3-8-1t, B. Hermanni 1-2, G. Danielson 1-1; Receiving - J. Thompson 4-66, L. Jolley 2-19, J. Sykes 2-10, C. Bartles 2-4-1t, R. Cobb 1-15, D. Highsmith 1-13, A. Young 1-7, K. Kapitan 1-5.

Hawaiians; Passing - S. Sixkiller 6-11-62-1t-0i, R. Cassata 4-13-74-0t-0i; Rushing - V. Clements 10-49, C. Hill 10-46-1t, C. Heath 10-23, Granucci 2-4, R. Cassata 1-2, S. Sixkiller 1-3; Receiving - C. Hill 3-49, T. Delaney 2-32, T. Boyer 1-14, G. Richardson 1-10, Granucci 1-7.

Charlotte Hornets Hawaiians
First Downs 17 17
Rushes-Yardage 40-113 34-128
Passes-Yardage 139 136
Return Yards 118 95
Passes 14-28-1 10-24-0
Punts 6-39.0 5-31.4
Fumbles-Lost 5-2 2-2
Penalties-Yardage 4-29 5-45

July 12th: Birmingham Vulcans 25, Portland Thunder 9

Vulcans Art Cantrelle uses hand to pick up another yard against Thunder

An estimated crowd of 18,500 turned out to witness the Birmingham Vulcans defeat the Portland Thunder. The Thunder went into halftime with a 9-0 lead following a two-point field goal by Don Warner and a two-yard touchdown run by Rufus "Roadrunner" Ferguson. The Vulcans came out in the second half and scored three touchdowns and a field goal. Two of those touchdowns were within a 17 second span in the 3rd quarter. Quarterback Matthew Reed connected on a nine yard pass to Art Cantrelle and an 11 yard pass to Rubin Jones. The Vulcans also scored on an interception return by Willie Burkes and a two-point field Goal by Ron Slovensky.

Portland Thunder; Passing - D. Horn 8-18-95-0t-2i, J. Ousley 1-3-12-0t-0i, Biscotti 1-4-7-0t-1i; Rushing - R. Ferguson 8-45-1t, I. Hammon 10-34, J. Evenson 5-28, M. Kendricks 11-19, J. Hartstein 4-8, D. Horn 1-0, B. Christiansen 1-1, J. Ousley 1-5; Receiving - E. McCullouch 4-53, J. Thorpe 2-18, J. Evenson 1-14, J. Krieg 1-13, K. Matthews 1-9, R. Ferguson 1-7.

Birmingham Vulcans; Passing - M. Reed 9-20-102-2t-0i, B. Palazzo 0-2-0-0t-1i; Rushing - J. Profit 6-53, T. Powell 10-35, A. Cantrelle 7-11, J. Musso 5/9, B. Palazzo 2-7; Receiving - D. Duron 4-40, A. Cantrelle 2-32-1t, D. Homan 1-18, R. Jones 1-11-1t, J. Musso 1-0.

Portland Thunder Birmingham Vulcans
First Downs 14 12
Rushes-Yardage 41-128 30-115
Passes-Yardage 114 101
Return Yards 130 121
Passes 10-26-3 9-22-1
Punts 8-36.6 9-40.3
Fumbles-Lost 1-1 1-1
Penalties-Yardage 6-66 4-35

July 14th: Southern California Sun 47, Memphis Southmen 16

Sun DT Dave Roller welcomes Memphis RB Jim Kiick to the WFL

Sun running back Anthony Davis scored 30 points (4 Touchdowns, 2 Action Points) as the Southern California Sun routed the highly-touted Memphis Southmen 47-16 before 22,705 fans in Anaheim. Davis out shined Memphis' "Big Three" of Larry Csonka, Jim Kiick and Paul Warfield scoring touchdowns from 4 yards, 3 yards, 1 yard and catching a 17-yard pass from quarterback Mike Ernst. The Sun defense limited Memphis to only 55 yards rushing as quarterback Daryle Lamonica completed 7 of 15 for 99 yards and Mike Ernst hit 10 of 14 for 155 yards for the Sun.

Memphis Southmen; Passing - J. Huarte 8-13-115-1t-2i, L. Stewart 4-16-74-1t-3i; Rushing - W. Spencer 9-27, T. Beamer 6-13, L. Csonka 4-12, J. Kiick 5-3; Receiving - E. Marshall 4-68-1t, J. Kiick 3-26, W. Spencer 2-22, T. Beamer 1-38-1t, P. Warfield 1-28, G. Shirk 1-7.

Southern California Sun; Passing - M. Ernst 10-14-155-3t-0i, D. Lamonica 7-15-99-0t-0i; Rushing - A. Davis 15-56-3t, B. Kramer 10-48, B. Ferrell 10-32, P. Miles 7-24, M. Ernst 1-6, G. Herd 4-4; Receiving - K. Denson 3-61-1t, T. Lindsey 2-38, B. Kramer 2-35, G. Herd 2-23, A. Davis 2-18-1t, D. Williams 2-14, C. Weatherspoon 1-40-1t, J. McKay 1-15, C. Bradley 1-7, B. Ferrell 1-3.

Memphis Southmen Southern California Sun
First Downs 12 21
Rushes-Yardage 24-55 47-170
Passes-Yardage 189 254
Return Yards 161 72
Passes 12-29-5 17-29-0
Punts 7-39.0 5-33.0
Fumbles-Lost 2-1 2-1
Penalties-Yardage 10-144 9-86

July 19th: Charlotte Hornets 22, Chicago Winds 21

Winds John Gilliam running pass pattern against the Hornets Larry Shears

Charlotte QB Brian Dowling hit WR Randy Cobb with a 47-yard touchdown pass with 1:16 remaining to complete a comeback and give the Hornets a 22-21 win over Chicago at Greensboro, North Carolina. A crowd of 2,231 watched as the Chicago Winds opened up a 21-8 lead as QB Pete Bethard hit WR John Gilliam with a TD pass and Jim Ford ran for a touchdown. Charlotte came roaring back. Dowling and the running of Don Highsmith put the Hornets in good field position for the winning score.

Chicago Winds; Passing - P. Beathard 9-23-88-1t-1i; Rushing - M. Kellar 14-65, J. Ford 7-25-1t, M. Williams 7-25, C. Pinder 9-22-1t; Receiving - J. Gilliam 5-53-1t, T. Gillespie 2-20, J. Gessford 1-11, M. Kellar 1-4.

Charlotte Hornets; Passing - T. Sherman 8-16-65-0t-0i, B. Dowling 6-6-86-1t-0i; Rushing - D. Highsmith 12-86-1t, E. White 9-29-1t, J. Sykes 9-24, B. Gladieux 3-14, L. Jolley 2-10, C. Bartles 2-3, T. Sherman 1-2, Smith 1-1, B. Dowling 2-1; Receiving - E.White 3-33, R. Cobb 2-66-1t, D. Whyte 2-16, B. Gladieux 2-11, J. Sykes 2-5, J. Thompson 1-19, D. Highsmith 1-8, L. Jolley 1-4.

Chicago Winds Charlotte Hornets
First Downs 15 18
Rushes-Yardage 37-137 41-168
Passes-Yardage 88 162
Return Yards 127 98
Passes 9-23-1 14-22-0
Punts 6-37.0 4-40.0
Fumbles-Lost 0-0 4-2
Penalties-Yardage 0-0 6-50

July 19th: San Antonio Wings 7, Memphis Southmen 0

Chuck Beatty and Lonnie Warwick waiting to tackle Larry Csonka

J.V. Stokes returned a kickoff for a touchdown as the San Antonio Wings defeated the Memphis Southmen 7-0 before 19,000 fans at Alamo Stadium. Southmen stars Larry Csonka, Jim Kiick and Paul Warfield were held to minimal yardage by a tough Wing defense led by Lonnie Warwick, Paul Vellano, Billy Hobbs and Billy Hayes. The WFL's color coded pants were to be used during this game, but members of the Memphis Southmen refused to wear them.

Memphis Southmen; Passing - J. Huarte 7-26-91-0t-4i, L. Stewart 0-1-0-0t-0i; Rushing - L. Csonka 20-90, J. Harvey 5-19, W. Spencer 6-6, J. Kiick 2-6, J. Huarte 1-4; Receiving - L. Csonka 3-29, E. Marshall 2-48, P. Warfield 1-15, J. Harvey 1-1.

San Antonio Wings; Passing - J. Walton 10-32-106-0t-4i; Rushing - B. Sadler 13-54, J. Strong 18-34, D. McCall 5-9, J. Walton 2-9, S. Conley 2-5; Receiving - B. Sadler 2-25, J. Strong 2-24, D. Shanklin 2-12, W. Frazier 1-22, D. Morris 1-12, Ed. Richardson 1-3.

Memphis Southmen San Antonio Wings
First Downs 12 14
Rushes-Yardage 34-117 40-111
Passes-Yardage 91 106
Return Yards 47 125
Passes 7-27-5 10-32-4
Punts 7-38.4 6-40.3
Fumbles-Lost 0-0 2-1
Penalties-Yardage 7-50 4-23

July 19th: Birmingham Vulcans 31, Shreveport Steamer 30

Vulcans Johnny Musso dives for yardage against the Steamer

13,214 paying customers came out to State Fair Stadium as the Birmingham Vulcans defeated the Shreveport Steamer 31-30. With eight minutes remaining in the game, Steamer quarterback Edd Hargett was blindsided and fumbled the ball on the Shreveport 27. The Vulcans, led by quarterback Matthew Reed, charged downfield and hit running back Art Cantrelle with a 16 yard pass for the go-ahead touchdown. Cantrelle finished the game with 71 yards on 19 carries.

Birmingham Vulcans; Passing - M. Reed 7-16-100-1t-1i; Rushing - A. Cantrelle 19-71-1t, J. Profit 10-38, J. Musso 7-31, T. Powell 6-20, M. Reed 5-12-2t; Receiving - D. Homan 1-35, A. Cantrelle 1-16-1t, J. Musso 1-5, T. Powell 1-5, J. Profit 1-4.

Shreveport Steamer; Passing - E. Hargett 8-15-98-1t-2i; Rushing - H. Brandon /74, V. Robinson /28; Receiving - R. Scales 4-44-1t.

Birmingham Vulcans Shreveport Steamer
First Downs 17 17
Rushes-Yardage 47-172 39-167
Passes-Yardage 100 127
Return Yards 77 167
Passes 7-16-1 11-22-2
Punts 4-32.7 4-39.5
Fumbles-Lost 1-1 5-4
Penalties-Yardage 7-106 5-70

July 19th: Southern California 23, Philadelphia Bell 8

Bell and Sun Players try on color coded pants during pre-game warm ups

Sun rookie running back Anthony Davis rushed for 78 yards and scored three touchdowns as Southern California defeated the Philadelphia Bell 23-8. The Sun victory was a costly one as backup quarterback Pat Haden suffered what was thought to be a shoulder separation. Haden started over starting quarterback Daryle Lamonica who had recently undergone a hernia operation. The Bell played in antiquated JFK Stadium in 1974, but switched to the University of Pennsylvania's Franklin Field for 1975. It did little help to its attendance as a paid crowd of 2,614 was announced. The Bell-Sun contest was one of the exhibition games slated for the color-coded pants. Both teams wore pants during the pre-game warmups, but refused to wear them during the game.

Southern California Sun; Passing - P. Haden 8-14-118-0t-1i, M. Ernst 6-12-62—0t-0i; Rushing - A. Davis 17-78-3t, G. Dixon 17-71, B. Ferrell 6-24, G. Herd 6-20, B. Kramer 3-17, M. Ernst 1-6, P. Miles 1-3, P. Haden 1-0; Receiving - T. Lindsey 4-54, G. Herd 3-69, K. Denson 2-29, G. Dixon 2-13, J. McKay 1-12, B. Kramer 1-6, A. Davis 1-3.

Philadelphia Bell; Passing - B. Davis 7-16-34-0t-0i, J. Corcoran 7-16-96-0t-0i; Rushing - J. Jennings 6-18, J. Joe 3-16, R. Holliday 1-9, A. Thompson 3-7, F. McGuigan 7-6-1t, J. Land 2-6, C. Watts 2-1; Receiving - C. Watts 3-9, B. Hawkins 2-24, F. McGuigan 2-11, L. Izzo 2-10, J. Joe 1-20, R. Holliday 1-16, D. Nogle 1-15, P. Dunn 1-15, T. Kwalick 1-10.

Southern California Sun Philadelphia Bell
First Downs 23 13
Rushes-Yardage 52-219 24-63
Passes-Yardage 180 130
Return Yards 17 141
Passes 14-26-1 14-32-0
Punts 4-30.3 4-44.5
Fumbles-Lost 4-3 5-4
Penalties-Yardage 6-45 6-62

July 26th: Jacksonville Express 19, Hawaiians 7

1974 WFL Tri-MVP Tommy Reamon outruns Hawaiians Chuck Detwiler

The Jacksonville Express defeated the Hawaiians 19-7 in a torrential downpour in northern Florida. Led by former Birmingham quarterback, George Mira, the Express used a strong running game and a short passing game to over take the Hawaiians. Express running back, and former Florida Blazer, Tommy Reamon rushed for 75 yards and a touchdown to lead the team. 8,200 braved the weather conditions to get a glimpse of former NFL running back Calvin Hill.

Hawaiians; Passing - R. Cassata 8-13-42-0t-1i, S. Sixkiller 4-10-39-0t-1i, W. Estabrook 0-4-0-0t-0i; Rushing - C. Heath 20-79-1t, A. Holmes 10-29, C. Hill 2-26, V. Clements 1-2; Receiving - C. Heath 5-26, A. Holmes 2-29.

Jacksonville Express; Passing - G. Mira 4-10-49-1t-0i, C. Durkee 1-1-9-1t-0i; Rushing - A. Haywood 11-57, Poulos 5-21, T. Reamon 10-13, B. Duncan 3-11; Receiving - Kimble 1-19, D. Hughes 1-18, S. Barrios 1-15, R. Lamb 1-9, t. Reamon 1-3.

Hawaiians Jacksonville Express
First Downs 14 11
Rushes-Yardage 141 126
Passes-Yardage 181 58
Return Yards -- --
Passes 12-27-2 5-11-0
Punts 2-21.5 4-45.0
Fumbles-Lost 7-2 7-3
Penalties-Yardage 4-27 3-18

July 26th: Memphis Southmen 14, Shreveport Steamer 7

Virgil Robinson runs against Memphis

Quarterback John Huarte threw two touchdown passes to Paul Warfield for a 14-7 triumph by the Memphis Southmen over the Shreveport Steamer. The winning score came with only 24 seconds left in the third period after a fumble by Shreveport's Arthur James. Huarte passed 8 yards to Warfield for the touchdown. Larry Csonka and Jim Kiick, who defected with Warfield from the NFL's Miami Dolphins, rushed for 73 and 115 yards, respectively.

Memphis Southmen; Passing - J. Huarte 9-16-163-2t-1i; Rushing - J. Kiick 30-115, L. Csonka 16-73, J. Harvey 3-5; Receiving - G. Shirk 3-86, P. Warfield 2-41-2t, L. Csonka 2-16, J. Kiick 1-8.

Shreveport Steamer; Passing - E. Hargett 12-23-120-1t-0i; Rushing - J. Nance 9-49, V. Robinson 15-47, H. Brandon 11-43; Receiving - G. Smith 4-33-1t, D. Winslow 3-33, J. Nance 2-23.

Memphis Southmen Shreveport Steamer
First Downs 19 19
Rushes-Yardage 49-193 41-167
Passes-Yardage 163 136
Return Yards 138 98
Passes 9-16-1 12-27-0
Punts 4-29.5 4-33.2
Fumbles-Lost 3-3 6-4
Penalties-Yardage 5-51 4-48

July 27th: Philadelphia Bell 30, Portland Thunder 21

Thunder QB Don Horn calling play against Bell

Long returns of a punt and an interception by Marv Pettaway and two pass coverage breakdowns by the Portland Thunder defensive backfield gave the Philadelphia Bell a 30-21 win. 5,076 fans at Civic Stadium watched as Pettaway returned a punt 86 91 yards for a touchdown, and then repeated his performance with a 59 yard interception for a touchdown. Portland, led by quarterback Don Horn and running back Rufus Ferguson, stalled on three drives inside the Philadelphia 20.

Philadelphia Bell; Passing - B. Davis 3-7-76-1t-1i, J. Corcoran 8-15-87-1t-0i; Rushing - J. Jennings 5-30, C. Watts 6-27, J. Joe 8-14, F. McGuigan 3-12, A. Thompson 4-8, D. Nogle 1-4; Receiving - T. Kwalick 2-63-1t, L. Izzo 2-38, D. Nogle 2-37-1t, J. Jennings 2-16, A. Thompson 1-4, F. McGuigan 1-3, Driesbach 1-2.

Portland Thunder; Passing - D. Horn 17-34-190-1t-2i; Rushing - R. Ferguson 21-88, J. Evenson 12-41-1t, I. Hammon 1-5, B. Christiansen 1-2; Receiving - J. Thorpe 5-44, E. McCullouch 4-81-1t, B. Christiansen 4-47, R. Ferguson 2-5, I. Hammon 1-10, J. Evenson 1-3.

Philadelphia Bell Portland Thunder
First Downs 11 20
Rushes-Yardage 22-95 35-136
Passes-Yardage 160 190
Return Yards 225 132
Passes 11-22-1 17-34-2
Punts 6-40.3 4-34.5
Fumbles-Lost 1-0 2-0
Penalties-Yardage 7-67 5-35

WFL Standings (Exhibition Season):

Eastern Division
Birmingham 2 0 0 56 39
Jacksonville 2 0 0 53 30
Charlotte 1 1 0 36 53
Philadelphia 1 1 0 38 54
Memphis 1 2 0 30 61
Western Division
So. California 3 0 0 106 55
Hawaiians 1 1 0 39 33
San Antonio 1 1 0 38 36
Chicago 0 2 0 44 56
Portland 0 2 0 30 55
Shreveport 0 2 0 37 45

NOTE: This page was written and researched by Jim Cusano and Richie Franklin. Thanks to Mark Hayne, Tod Maher and Chuck Gardner who help provide photos and game stats.