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Home Box Office launched on November 8, 1972. During the 1970's, HBO Sports televised games from the American Basketball Association, World Hockey Association and the World Football League. HBO Sports produced and aired twelve WFL games on Wednesday nights during the 1974 season. They also produced six games in 1975. The cable network stopped airing WFL games once hockey season began in October '75.

HBO Sports premiered the World Football League on Wednesday, July 10, 1974 to 23,000 cable subscribers in the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware area. Their inaugural first game was the Philadelphia Bell hosting the Portland Storm at JFK Stadium.

HBO had two broadcasting teams for their coverage of the WFL. Spencer Ross and Gino Cappelletti were the lead announcers. Steve Albert and Bob Goldsholl also called WFL games for HBO.

Unfortunately, after a search of their storage facilities they realized that all of their original two-inch tapes from the WFL were missing. HBO Sports is now in search of those lost tapes to recapture their sports history.

All that has survived is a 30-second promo announcing WFL games with footage from the New York Jets training camp. They also came across a boxing match they televised where announcer, Don Dunphy, reminded viewers to tune into Wednesday night coverage of the World Football League.

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The games HBO produced for 1974 include:

Date Game
July 10, 1974 Portland Storm @Philadelphia Bell (8:00 PM)
July 17, 1974 Birmingham Americans @ New York Stars (8:00 PM)
July 31, 1974 Jacksonville Sharks @ New York Stars (8:00 PM)
August 7, 1974 Memphis Southmen @ Philadelphia Bell (8:00 PM)
August 14, 1974 Portland Storm @ New York Stars (8:00 PM)
August 21, 1974 Houston Texans @ New York Stars (8:00 PM)
August 28, 1974 Detroit Wheels @ Philadelphia Bell (8:00 PM)
September 6, 1974 Florida Blazers @ New York Stars (8:00 PM)
September 11, 1974 Jacksonville Sharks @ Philadelphia Bell (8:00 PM)
September 24, 1974 Detroit Wheels @ New York Stars (8:00 PM)
October 2, 1974 Florida Blazers @ Philadelphia Bell (8:00 PM)
October 31, 1974 Southern California Sun @ Charlotte Hornets (8:00 PM)

The games HBO produced for 1975 include:

Date Game
August 9, 1975 Charlotte Hornets @ Memphis Southmen (8:30 PM)
August 23, 1975 Memphis Southmen @ Philadelphia Bell (7:30 PM)
August 30, 1975 Chicago Winds @ Memphis Southmen (8:30 PM)
September 13, 1975 Portland Thunder @ Philadelphia Bell (7:30 PM)
September 20, 1975 Southern California Sun @ Shreveport Steamer (8:30 PM)
September 27, 1975 Southern California Sun @ Charlotte Hornets (8:00 PM)

Home Box Office Sports ad announcing the premier of World Football League games for the 1974 season.

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