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The WFL Radio Network is proud to bring you the actual audio clips from a WFL broadcast from 1974 and 1975. There are five different flagship stations listed below.

Southern California Sun vs. Birmingham Americans
Radio Station - WYDE-AM
Announcer(s) - Larry Matson
Date - July 10, 1974
George Mira to Dennis Homan for first down and first reception.

Philadelphia Bell vs. Chicago Fire
Radio Station - WJJD - FM
Announcer(s) - Eddie Doucette (Play by Play) Mike Pyle (Color)
Date - August 14, 1974
Cyril Pinder scores a Fire touchdown on a one yard run.

Florida Blazers vs. Memphis Southmen
Radio Station - WLOK - AM
Announcer(s) - Dick Palmer (Play by Play), Bill Haney (Color)
Date - October 16, 1974
Ed Marshall hauls in a pass from John Huarte for 17 yard gain.

Southern California Sun vs. The Hawaiians
Radio Station - KGMB 59
Announcer(s) - Mel Proctor
Date - November 21, 1974
John Kelsey scores a touchdown as Hawaiians go up 17-0.

Philadelphia Bell vs. Charlotte Hornets
Radio Station - WBT-AM
Announcer(s) - Harold Johnson (Play by Play), Matt Snorton (Color)
Date - October 18, 1975
Lewis Jolley picks up six yards against tough Bell defense.

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