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The WFL Radio Network is proud to bring you WFL broadcast audio clips from 1974 and 1975. Below are six flagship stations in our network.

Southern California Sun vs. Birmingham Americans
Radio Station - WYDE-AM
Announcer(s) - Larry Matson
Date - July 10, 1974
George Mira to Dennis Homan for first down and first reception.

Birmingham Americans vs. New York Stars
Radio Station - WMCA-AM
Announcer(s) - John Sterling (Play by Play), Matt Snell (Color)
Date - July 17, 1974
Tom Sherman Scores First-Ever Stars Touchdown at Downing Stadium.

Philadelphia Bell vs. Chicago Fire
Radio Station - WJJD - FM
Announcer(s) - Eddie Doucette (Play by Play) Mike Pyle (Color)
Date - August 14, 1974
Cyril Pinder scores a Fire touchdown on a one yard run.

Florida Blazers vs. Memphis Southmen
Radio Station - WLOK - AM
Announcer(s) - Dick Palmer (Play by Play), Bill Haney (Color)
Date - October 16, 1974
Ed Marshall hauls in a pass from John Huarte for 17 yard gain.

Southern California Sun vs. Hawaiians
Radio Station - KGMB 59
Announcer(s) - Mel Proctor
Date - November 21, 1974
John Kelsey scores a touchdown as Hawaiians go up 17-0.

Philadelphia Bell vs. Charlotte Hornets
Radio Station - WBT-AM
Announcer(s) - Harold Johnson (Play by Play), Matt Snorton (Color)
Date - October 18, 1975
Lewis Jolley picks up six yards against tough Bell defense.

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