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1975 WFL Playoff Format

As many well know, the WFL folded on October 22, 1975. Therefore, the league never held its playoffs. To that effect, here was the format for the 1975 playoffs as complicated as they may look:

- The 1975 season was set up to be played in two half-seasons (summer and fall).

- Six teams would make the playoffs based on these criteria:

  1. the winners of both halves in each division
  2. the team from each division with the best overall record
  3. the teams with the best overall records would be ineligible for the summer and fall championships and the summer champions are ineligible for the fall championship
  4. games would be played in the city with the best regular-season record
  5. the two teams with the best overall record will receive a bye in the first round of the playoffs
  6. the winners of the first round will play the team in the other division which had the bye in the first round
  7. the winners of the second round would meet in the World Bowl, played on the home field of one of the teams (no home criteria specified)

- The World Bowl quarterfinals would be held on December 20, 1975.

- The World Bowl semifinals would be held on December 27, 1975.

- The World Bowl would be held on January 4, 1976.

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