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Florida Blazers Book - Mark Speck

...and a dollar short
The Empty Promises, Broken Dreams
and Somewhat-Less-Than-Comic
Misadventures of the 1974
Florida Blazers

Mark Speck

It's a great unwritten story that has finally been written! It's an unforgettable story that shouldn't be forgotten!!

It's a story of triumph, loyalty, sacrifice, and just plain old stubbornness. It's a story of men overcoming almost overwhelming odds and a laundry-list of hardships, problems, and distractions that never turned them from their ultimate goal, the league championship. The Blazers went through two owners, four cities, and seven nicknames before the team even played its first game. Their owners squabbled between themselves and ultimately sued each other. A city that didn't seem to want them and fans that didn't seem to care. They were a collection of men who trusted each other led by a head coach who trusted them all. Through it all, the Blazers won more games and a division title that no one predicted they'd win.

The story of the 1974 Florida Blazers of the ill-fated World Football League is one that has almost been lost to the passage of time. But once you read this almost-forgotten tale, you will never forget it.

Mark Speck has been researching pro football for the last 26 years. He has written numerous articles for the Professional Football Researchers' Association publication, The Coffin Corner, and has contributed his time and efforts to several football encyclopedias and the official WFL website. He has also worked as co-author of the World Football League Encyclopedia with Tod Maher, and has authored a book on the 1974 Florida Blazers entitled ...and a Dollar Short, for which he won the PFRA's 2011 Nelson Ross Award for "outstanding achievement for pro football research and historiography". When he is not researching pro football, Mark works full-time as a quality assurance specialist for the nonprofit organization Able2 in Elmira, New York. Mark lives in Horseheads, New York, with his still very understanding and patient wife Elise, and their Pug.

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