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The World Football League Web site was built "with a little help from my friends." The site was originally owned and administered by Robert Phillips. This is the first-ever Web site devoted to the World Football League, and Robert launched it in early 1996. On November 15, 2007, Robert contacted me (Richie Franklin) and asked if I was interested in taking over the WFL Web site as he no longer had time to devote to the upkeep of the page.

I immediately contacted Jim Cusano and Greg Allred for their assistance as we began to overhaul the site. The World Football League Web site was re-launched on April 4, 2009.

I want to thank Jim Cusano, who graciously donated his 1974, and 1975 "Season Books," and the 1974 and 1975 "WFL Team Pages." The pages originally appeared on the former World Football League Hall of Fame Web site which Jim was the Webmaster.

The WFL Interviews also appeared on the old WFL HOF site. Jim Cusano and I worked together contacting former WFL players, and setting up telephone interviews for the former WFL HOF site. We have included most of those interviews here on the "WFL Interviews" page.

Greg Allred put together our WFL photo collage on the Home page and the collage on our "WFL Memorabilia" page. His contributions also include countless hours of helping me with film, photos, and audio transfers.

Chuck Gardner wrote our "WFL History" page, and also helped with the research for our "WFL Newspaper Archives" and "WFL Magazine Archives" pages, with assistance from Bruce Clarke.

Tod Maher and Mark Speck donated our "WFL Rosters" from their "World Football League Encyclopedia," and the "WFL Transactions" that appear throughout the 1974 and 1975 "Season Book" pages.

Gene Crowley and Stan Lane transferred 16mm film clips to video files for us.

Special thank you goes out to Chris Gmyrek, Mark Hayne, Dennis Chamberlin, J. J. Jennings, Gene Sanny, Albert Klumpp and Bill Jones for their photos, memorabilia, artwork, and other contributions throughout this Web site.

I would also like to thank all of the former World Football League players and coaches, who I've befriended throughout the years for their numerous contributions. This Web site is dedicated to you as we "Keep the Spirit of the WFL Alive."

However, none of this would be possible if it were not for Jayme Arellano. Jayme is responsible for all of our technical support and we are forever grateful for the excellent work he performs every time we ask him to update our site.

-Richie Franklin

The World Football League Website would like to thank the following listed below for their contributions and support:

Jayme Arellano Robert Phillips Jim Cusano Greg Allred
Chuck Gardner Chris Gmyrek Mark Speck Tod Maher
Mark Hayne J.J. Jennings Gene Crowley Stan Lane
Dennis Chamberlin Bill Jones Bruce Clarke Albert Klumpp
Gene Sanny Tom Hultman Bob Rush Gene Thompson
Dick Palmer Harold Johnson Mel Proctor Tom Wilkinson
Dave Petrelius James McCormick Max Segal Gary Wright
Eric Paddon Kevin Reidy Kevin Smith Kerry Smith
Antonio Abate Jimmy Corcoran Curtis Worrell Rick Homer
Charles Arey Chris Creamer Ben Haberek Mike Gardner
WFL Films TVS Sports Network Noel Library WFL Yahoo Group

Cartoon drawing created by Chuck Gardner.