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1975 Season Book - Transactions

Below is a list of WFL transactions that were completed January-July of 1975. The transactions that occurred from August-October of 1975 are listed in the 1975 Season Book under the appropriate week that they transpired.

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January 1 - Ron Mix resigns as GM of the Portland franchise
6 - QB Kenny Stabler is released from his contract with Birmingham by a circuit court judge for breach of contract
9 - Booker Brown, James McAlister and Kermit Johnson are released from their contracts with the Southern California Sun
13 - Ted Hendricks announces he will file suit to have his contract with the WFL voided
13 - Southern California Sun release QB Tony Adams
17 - John Bassett announces he may work a deal to move his entire Memphis Southmen franchise to New Haven, CT
22 - The World Football League takes control of the Birmingham Americans
22 - Calvin Hill announces he will retire from pro football if his contract with the Hawaiians does not work out
February 27 - NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle announces that his league may sign WFL players
March 6 - Former Southern California Sun TE Jacque MacKinnon dies from head injuries suffered when he fell from a wall after leaving the scene of a minor traffic accident
25 - Curley Culp is released from his contract with the Southern California Sun
April 4 - Philadelphia Bell announce they have signed an out of court settlement in federal court granting the team use of Franklin Field in 1975
7 - Birmingham Vulcans sign QB Matthew Reed to a percentage contract, which calls for a basic figure plus a gate percentage
May 1 - Philadelphia Bell signs K Dennis Griggs, QB Bill Hatty, LB Mike Mahoney, WR Chuck Driesbach, DB Mark Ulrich, QB Marty Vaughn, WR Bob (Bucky) Bucola and RB Mark Falzone
2 - San Antonio Wings hire Perry Moss as head coach
5 - Southern California Sun signs DT Dave Roller
6 - Portland Thunder names Bob Brodhead General Manager
8 - Shreveport Steamer signs QB Bubba Wyche
11 - Portland Thunder signs DE Bruce Bergey
13 - Portland Thunder names Greg Barton head coach
14 - Charlotte Hornets names Bob Gibson head coach
15 - Chicago announces their nickname will be Winds and sign Vito "Babe" Parilli as their head coach
15 - San Antonio Wings sign RB Warren McVea
19 - The Hawaiians trade QB Edd Hargett to the Shreveport Steamer for QB David Mays and OG Rex Pitts
20 - Shreveport Steamer sign QB Edd Hargett and DE Robert Barber
20 - Southern California Sun sign RB Anthony Davis
21 - The Hawaiians sign WR's Tim Delaney and Tim Boyer
21 - Jacksonville Express DE Charles Hall, RB Jeff Davis and LB Rich Thomann
23 - Jacksonville Express signs QB David Fowler and RB Ricky Lake
23 - Charlotte Hornets sign OG Greg Troupe
26 - Birmingham Vulcans trade QB George Mira to the Jacksonville Express for DT Bob Taterak, and the negotiating rights to OG Eddie Foster and K Grant Guthrie
26 - Jacksonville Express signs QB George Mira
28 - Portland Thunder acquires LB Mike McConnell from the Shreveport Steamer
29 - Jacksonville Express signs WR Witt Beckman and DB Ron Coppenbarger
30 - Southern California Sun sign WR Dave Williams, LB Eric Patton, OG Kevin Grady, WR Terry Lindsey, C Art Kuehn, TE Eugene Jones, DT Greg Marderian, LB Jim Baker, DE Neal Skarin, C Mike Ryan and DT Charles DeJurnett
30 - Chicago winds sign C Guy Murdock, DE Mick Heinrich, TE Don Burchfield and DB Richard Marks
June 2 - Philadelphia Bell signed TE Ted Kwalick to a 2-year contract
2 - Southern California Sun signed OT Joe Carollo, RB Greg Herd, K Steve Schroder and WR Cephus Weatherspoon
2 - Charlotte Hornets signed DB Ken Ladd and Willie Bailey
3 - Corporation known as World Football League Properties, Inc. was organized to handle licensing and publications for members of the WFL
3 - Jacksonville Express signs LB Fred Abbott
3 - Portland Thunder hired Dale Lindsey as assistant coach
3 - Charlotte Hornets signed DL Tom Frazier
4 - Portland Thunder signed RB Jim Evenson
5 - Charlotte Hornets hired Jim Vechiarella as assistant coach
6 - Chicago Winds signed LB Richard Brewer
6 -

Birmingham Vulcans signed DE Harry Gooden and DT Bob Taterak

7 - Southern California Sun signed DT Pat Sweetland, RB Bob Ferrell and DB Ken Jackson
9 - Chicago Winds signed RB Reggie Sanderson, WR Glenn D'Amato, DB Charles Reamon and DB Walter Rhone
9 - Charlotte Hornets hired Lindy Infante and Herb Paterra as assistant coaches
9 - Portland Thunder signed TE Bob Christiansen
10 - Philadelphia Bell signed QB Bob Davis, DE Louis Ross and RB Leroy Keyes
11 - Memphis Southmen traded LB Emery Hicks and OT Chris Morris to San Antonio for future considerations
12 - Portland Thunder signed QB Don Horn and WR Earl McCulloch
12 - Birmingham Vulcans signed LB Jimmy Teal
12 - Chicago Winds signed C Doug Lowery
13 - The League announced that LB Ray Hester, 26, who played for The Hawaiians in 1974, has Hodgkin's Disease and doctors say he has only a 50/50 chance of living
13 - Shreveport Steamer signed OG Glen Holloway
14 - Chicago Winds signed TE Jerry Broadnax and WR Margene Adkins
15 - Portland Thunder signed DB Tom Oberg, DB Denny Draper, and RB Tom Cole
16 - Birmingham Vulcans obtained RB Johnny Musso from British Columbia Lions of the CFL for future considerations
16 - Charlotte Hornets signed OT Jerome Gantt, OG/C Bob Thornton and OT Jim Washburn
16 - Portland Thunder signed LB Larry Brame
16 - Southern California Sun signed QB Gary Valbuena, WR Keith Denson, DB Jack Conners, OG Tim Guy and K Norm Hainlen
17 - Birmingham Vulcans signed RB Johnny Musso
17 - Portland Thunder signed RB Rufus Ferguson
18 - Southern California Sun signed LB Bob Henderson, RB Bill Kramer and DB Rudy Holmes
18 - Chicago Winds signed WR John Gilliam, QB Pete Beathard and RB Mark Kellar
18 - Jacksonville Express signed RB Tommy Reamon
19 - Southern California Sun signed QB Pat Haden and WR J.K. McKay
19 - Charlotte Hornets hired Joe Clark as an assistant coach
21 - Memphis Southmen signed DB Rickie Harris
21 - Portland Thunder signed WR Jim Thorpe
23 - Charlotte Hornets released OL George Bell
24 - Charlotte Hornets signed QB Tom Sherman
24 - Chicago Winds signed RB Cyril Pinder and DE Larry Jameson
24 - Jacksonville Express acquired OT Gene Ferguson from Portland for rights to DB Alvin Wyatt
26 - Southern California Sun cut DB Ken Shibata, B Rob Sears and DB Greg Grouwinkel
26 - Memphis Southmen traded RB J.J. Jennings Philadelphia to the Bell for negotiating rights to DT Rudy Sims, future considerations and cash
27 - Philadelphia Bell signed RB J.J. Jennings
27 - For signing RB Tommy Reamon, Jacksonville Express sent OG Richard Cheek, WR Tom Whittier, the negotiating rights to QB Jerry Tagge, two draft choices (1st round pick in 1976 and a 3rd round choice in 1977) and cash as compensation to San Antonio Wings, which held the rights to Reamon
29 - San Antonio Wings traded RB Paul Miles to Southern California Sun for QB Gary Valbuena
30 - Memphis Southmen announced that DT Lucious Selmon had retired
30 - Charlotte Hornets cut TE David Corley, WR James Watkins and RB Bruce Duke; announced that TE Ron Francis had retired; added TE Glen Applewhite and WR James Davis to roster; announced OG Greg Troup and CB Paul McKibbins had left team
31 - Southern California Sun released RB Carlos McCall; announced LB's Bob Morati and Jimie Givehand had left camp; announced P Joshua Johnson had failed his physical
July 1 - The Hawaiians signed QB Sonny Sixkiller
1 - Charlotte Hornets placed OT Sam Senneca on injured list
1 - Southern California Sun released WR Jim Myers, LB Larry Zajone, TE John Conover, DT Clarence Daniels and OL Clifford Conedy; signed DB Larry Lancaster
2 - Charlotte Hornets added WR James Thompson and OT Ted Hanenberg to its roster
4 - Birmingham Vulcans announced that LB Mike Truax had retired
4 - Southern California Sun cut WR Ron Thomas
4 - Portland Thunder signed DT Dave Costa
5 - Philadelphia Bell signed WR Ben Hawkins
7 - Jacksonville Express signed K Charlie Durkee; released DB Alvin Butler, LB Richard Buchanan, RB Nate Anderson, OT Rodney Allen, OT Ellise Caples, DB Mike Flynn, S Don Golden, K Ron Guinto, DT Fernando Jones, OG Ken Rigmaiden, DT Ronnie Robinson, LB Bruce Samples and LB Butch Strawderman
7 - Charlotte Hornets obtained CB Sonny Hicks from Memphis Southmen for a number one and number three draft choice in 1976; sent OG/C Bob Thornton, OT Ted Hanenberg and DT Herman Gravett to the Philadelphia Bell for Future considerations; acquired DT St. Clair Coleman from the Memphis Southmen and C Nick Nighswander from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL; cut CBs William Harris and Phil Allen, S Mike Apps, OT Allen New, RB Milton Brown, WR James Davis and LB Ralph Collette
9 - Southern California Sun waived TE Eugene Jones
10 - Jacksonville Express waived LB Tommy Cones, WR Marvin Foster and RB Godfrey White
10 - Charlotte Hornets placed QB Andy LeHeup and DT St. Clair Coleman on waivers
10 - The Hawaiians sign C Ken Bowman
13 - Southern California Sun signed DB Jimmy Sims
13 - Birmingham Vulcans released LB Pat Trussell, DB Johnny Williams, DB Monte Thompson, DT/DE Larry Burgess, WR Charles Hummings, C George Johnson, WR William Lide and RB Weldon Edward
15 - Shreveport Steamer signed WR Rick Eber
15 - Charlotte Hornets signed QB Chris Kupec
16 - Philadelphia Bell signed LB Ron Porter
16 - Jacksonville Express signed DE Don Brumm
17 - Chicago Winds acquired QB Gary Danielson from the Charlotte Hornets for an undisclosed draft choice and a player to be named later
17 - Charlotte Hornets acquired OG John Culpepper from Southern California Sun to complete Jimmy Sims trade
17 - Southern California Sun signed K Ron Ayala and waived kicker Steve Schroder
21 - Jacksonville Express waived TE Tony Hill, DB Rick Jones, DB Matthew Norman and LB Ty McMillian; placed RB Jeff Davis on injured reserved list
21 - Birmingham Vulcans released OG Joe O'Donnell
22 - Southern California Sun released DE Mike Ballew, K Norm Hainlen and RB Paul Miles
22 - Charlotte Hornets cut RB Bob Gladieux, RB Carl Bartles, WR Mike Haggard, CB Charlton Houston, OT Curtis Phifer, FB Chuck Smith, and K Trip Coleman; LB Tom Chandler, RB David Blake, WR Dave Richards, OT Tom Frazier and OG Sam Senneca declared out for the San Antonio game on July 27th
22 - Jacksonville Express announced that WR Bubba Thornton had retired
23 - Philadelphia Bell announced that Ron Waller had resigned as head coach and named Joe Gardi as the interim head coach
28 - Jacksonville Express released QB Eddie McAshan; RB Ron Lamb retired to become an assistant coach with the team; cut DT Dan Spivey, RB Andy Andrade and WR Stan Davis; placed WR Danny Kimble on injured reserved list
28 - Birmingham Vulcans acquired WR Cephus Weatherspoon from Southern California Sun for 4th round draft choice in 1976
28 - Chicago Winds sent OG Gene Clark to Southern California Sun for 4th round draft choice in 1976
28 - The Hawaiians released QB Wayne Estabrook, LB Jim Kalili and WR Tim Boyer
29 - Southern California Sun signed OG Gene Clark
29 - Philadelphia Bell named Willie Wood head coach
31 - Shreveport Steamer released WR Tom Spinks, LB Dave Wilkins, RB Art James and DB Roger Cox; placed QB Bubba Wyche and RB Paul Gipson on injured reserve
October 21 - Birmingham Vulcans waive QB Leo Gasienica
22 - World Football League owners vote 6-4 to cease operation
23 - Memphis Southmen sign LB Bob Miller. Rumors are that team owner John Bassett will apply for a National Football League franchise for the 1976 season

NOTE: The 1975 WFL Transaction page was researched and compiled by Mark Speck, Tod Maher, Chuck Gardner and Richie Franklin.