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WFL Transactions

Below is a list of WFL transactions that were completed from January-June of 1974. The transactions that occurred from July-December of 1974 are listed in the 1974 Season Books under the appropriate week that they transpired.

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January 8 - Chicago signed WR Jim Seymour
  28 - Southern California signed RB Kermit Johnson, RB James McAlister and OT Booker Brown
  31 - Jacksonville signed DB Alvin Wyatt
February 2 - Washington signed RB A.D. Whitfield
  5 - Toronto signed DE Lucious Selmon
  5 - Boston Bulls signed WR George Sauer
  7 - Chicago signed RB Mark Kellar and QB Virgil Carter
  8 - Jacksonville signed RB Ron Lamb
  12 - The Hawaiians signed RB Ernie O'Leary
  13 - Birmingham signed OT Buddy Brown
  13 - Washington signed WR-DB Forrest "Don" Vallery
  13 - Chicago signed WR's Jade Butcher and Eric Stolberg
  14 - Chicago signed QB Maurie Daigneau
  15 - The Hawaiians signed QB Dennis Dummit
  15 - Toronto signed RB Paul Miles
  16 - Jacksonville signed RB Edgar Scott
  18 - Washington signed DE Don Ratliff
  18 - Birmingham signed QB-WR Denny Duron
  19 - Hawaiians signed DB Richmond Flowers to a future (1975) contract.
  20 - Washington signed MLB Larry Ely
  20 - Chicago signed RB Leo Hayden and WR Bruce Jankowski
  20 - Jacksonville signed RB Edgar Scott and LB Raymond Burke
  21 - Washington signed S Rod Foster and RB Rich
  21 - Southern California signed DB Durwood Keeton, LB Cleveland Vann, DE Neal Skarin, OT Steve Gunther, RB Alonzo Emery, LB Jim Baker and QB Tony Adams
  21 - Jacksonville signed DE Vernon Vanoy
  21 - Chicago signed LB Keith Best
  22 - Detroit signed free agent QB Bubba Wyche
  23 - Jacksonville signed DT John Gordon
  25 - Washington signed S Randy Hawn, TE Greg Latta, and QB Bob Davis
  25 - Birmingham signed S Randy Lee
  25 - Jacksonville signed DB Mike Townsend
  26 - SouthernCalifornia signed OT Gene Ferguson, WR Greg Moses and WR Sam Dickerson
  27 - Hawaiians signed WR Don Hutt, LB Frank Johnson, and DB-KR Derrick Williams
  27 - Washington signed G Tim Brannan and QB Eric Crone
  28 - Washington signed DT Perry Goodell, LB Eddie Sheats, and WR Matt Maslowski
March 1 - Washington signed DT Paul Vellano
  2 - Detroit signed RB Jim Rathje
  4 - New York signed WR Tom Spinks and DB Darryl Bishop
  4 - Washington signed LB Rich Hodsdon
  5 - Washington signed DE Mel Parker
  6 - Washington signed DT Boice Best
  7 - Southern California signed QB Gary Valbuena, OT Joe Carollo, TE Jacque MacKinnon, WR Mike Morgan, DB's Mike McAuley, and Charles Hinton, LB's Don Parish, Eric Patton, and Ray Rodriguez, DT Glenn Byrd, DE Wes Grant, WR Dave Szymakowski and RB Clem Turner
  8 - Detroit signed QB Bruce Shaw
  8 - Washington signed OG Bill Yoest
  9 - Toronto signed QB John Huarte
  10 - Jacksonville signed QB Eddie McAshan
  12 - The Hawaiians signed DE Lem Burnham
  12 - Detroit signed RB Warren McVea
  12 - Washington signed DE-DT Tommy Davis
  13 - Washington signed G Rick Anthony
  14 - Birmingham signed QB George Mira and LB Ross Brupbacher
  14 - Washington signed S Rickie Harris
  15 - Washington signed DT-DE Roger Anderson
  16 - Philadelphia traded rights to DE John Ricca to Washington for DT Ken Scott and LB Tom Cantrell, Washington subsequently signed Ricca
  16 - Jacksonville signed QB John Stofa
  18 - Toronto signed QB-P Danny White
  18 - New York signed DT John Elliott
  20 - The Hawaiians signed WR John Isenbarger to a future (1975) contract
  22 - The Hawaiians signed RB Vin Clements to a future (1975) contract
  22 - Birmingham signed WR Dennis Homan
  23 - Birmingham signed LB Mike Truax
  23 - Jacksonville signed TE Dennis Hughes
  23 - Washington signed RB's Rick Fisher and Al Reese, and DB Rich Thomas
  24 - Detroit signed RB Sam Scarber
  25 - Washington signed K Les Perry and RB Jim Strong
  25 - New York signed OT Matt Herkenhoff
  27 - The Hawaiians signed DT Ron East
  28 - Philadelphia signed LB Bob Grant
  29 - Portland signed WR Gail Cogdill
  29 - Chicago signed OG Mike Sikich
  30 - Washington signed DB Chuck Beatty, TE Bob Rush, G Walt Hughes and K Richie Szaro
  31 - Portland purchased the contracts of WR Sam Dickerson, LB John Douglas, DB Charles Hinton, DB Bill Meyer, DE Wes Grant RB Gary Dixon, WR Carlos Bell and DB Seth Miller from Sou. California
  31 - Toronto signed RB Larry Csonka, RB Jim Kiick and WR Paul Warfield to future (1975) contracts
April 1 - Washington signed LB Billy Hobbs
  2 - Washington signed WR/P Gary Collins
  2 - The Hawaiians signed QB Edd Hargett to a future (1975) contract
  3 - Houston signed RB Jimmy Edwards
  3 - Portland signed QB Ken Johnson
  3 - Philadelphia signed DT Rudy Sims
  4 - Birmingham signed OT Mike Carosielli
  4 - Houston signed RB Hoyle Granger
  5 - Philadelphia signed OG Pat McLaughlin, WR Mike Blandina, OT Frank McFillen, C Bob Paschall and OT Ed Biernacki
  5 - Philadelphia signed DT Steve Chomyszak to a future (1975) contract; signed WR Ron Holliday to a future (1975) contract
  5 - Washington signed DB Billie Hayes
  6 - Washington signed LB Dana Carpenter
  6 - Detroit signed WR Jon Henderson, WR Hubie Bryant and DE Carl Taibi
  6 - The Hawaiians signed TE Ted Kwalick to a future (1975) contract
  9 - Houston signed QB Craig Morton to a future (1975) contract; signed DT Ron Rydalch and QB Buddy Palazzo
  9 - New York signed QB Tom Sherman, QB Don Gault, RB Don Abbey and OG Dick Hart; also named Tom Moore assistant coach
  9 - The Hawaiians signed QB Randy Johnson and RB Calvin Hill to future (1975) contracts; signed LB Jim Sniadecki to a 2-year contract
  9 - Washington signed S W.K. Hicks
  9 - Toronto signed DB Pete Quinn, TE Bill Schlegel and K Eric Baugher, Jr.
  10 - Birmingham igned WR Ron Jessie to a future (1975) contract
  10 - The Hawaiians signed DB John Moseley
  10 - Jacksonville signed OT Tom Walker
  11 - Washington signed C Fred Hoaglin to a future (1975) contract
  11 - Portland signed OG Steve Pickering, TE Bernie Peterson, DE Hank Barton, LB Bob Feguson, and OL George Van Over
  12 - The Washington franchise re-located to Norfolk, Virginia; and will be re-named the "Virginia Ambassadors"
  12 - Philadelphia signed DB Frank Polito and LB Tony Prazenica
  12 - Chicago signed TE Jim Gessford
  13 - Houston signed LB Bob Creech
  13 - Jacksonville signed K Bob Thomas
  14 - Houston signed LB Garland Boyette
  15 - New York signed RB Jim Ford and DB D'Artagnan Martin
  15 - Toronto signed RB Jimmy Joe
  15 - Virginia signed LB Bill Bergey to a future (1976) contract
  16 - Philadelphia signed C Ed Paradis, C Chuck Chulada and OT Stan Durtan
  16 - The Hawaiians signed OG John Wilbur
  16 - Southern California signed QB Daryle Lamonica to a future (1975) contract
  17 - The Hawaiians signed TE John Kelsey
  17 - Philadelphia signed K Bob Tatum
  18 - Philadelphia named Ernie Wright assistant coach
  18 - Chicago signed S Harry Howard
  18 - New York signed K Moses Lajterman and WR Bob Hermanni
  19 - Virginia signed C Dan Peiffer; signed RB Perry Williams to a future (1975) contract
  19 - The Hawaiians signed WR John Gilliam to a future (1975) contract
  19 - Philadelphia signed DB Bill Moore, QB Bob Klatt, DB Mike Shaw and C-G Garland Chandler
  19 - New York signed DB Lou Angelo
  19 - Houston obtained rights to DB Richmond Flowers from The Hawaiians for future considerations
  20 - Virginia named Wayne Millner an assistant coach
  20 - Philadelphia signed S Terry Factor, G Fred Stanchak, LB Tony Zakowski, LB Kurt Kral, WR Mike Bartik, and OT Pete Horoszke
  20 - New York signed DE Greg Lens and C Bob Kuziel
  24 - Portland signed DE Ron Billingsley and QB Don Van Galder
  24 - Southern California signed WR Dave Williams
  24 - Birmingham signed WR Vern Studdard
  25 - Philadelphia signed QB-DB Harry Lynch
  25 - Birmingham signed RB Paul Robinson and RB Charley Harraway
  25 - New York signed DE Gerry Philbin and DT Lloyd Voss; signed DE Carter Campbell to a future (1975) contract
  26 - Jacksonville signed DT Frank Cornish
  26 - Houston signed DE Joe Robb
  29 - Portland signed OT Tom Drougas to a future (1976) contract
  30 - The Hawaiians signed OG Ed Flanagan to a future (1975) contract
  30 - Virginia named Fred O'Connor an assistant coach
  30 - Philadelphia signed DT Tom Laputka and RB Art Green to future (1975) contracts
May 2 - New York signed WR Homer Jones and LB Doug Woodlief
  2 - Houston signed WR Jimmy Hines and WR Robert Taylor
  2 - Philadelphia named Bob Pellegrini and King Corcoran assistant coaches
  2 - Portland signed WR Jim Krieg
  2 - The Hawaiians signed DT Greg Wojcik
  3 - Philadelphia signed LB Mike Webb
  3 - Houston signed RB Sid Blanks
  3 - Virginia signed WR Cecil Turner to a future (1975) contract
  4 - The Hawaiians signed C-OG Jim Cadile
  5 - Houston signed DT Al Dotson
  5 - Jacksonville signed LB Rich Thomann and TE Mike Creaney
  6 - Philadelphia signed OG Bob Rickenbach, RB Carroll Cayette and LB Gary Gray
  7 - Philadelphia signed LB Wally Dempsey
  7 - Toronto franchise moved to Memphis, Tennessee; franchise will be re-named the "Memphis Southmen"
  8 - Philadelphia signed WR Linzy Cole
  8 - Portland signed OT Mike Taylor to a future (1975) contract
  8 - Jacksonville signed TE Keith Krepfle
  9 - Jacksonville signed TE Chip Glass to a future (1975) contract; also signed LB Fred Abbott
  9 - New York signed WR Al Young
  10 - Memphis signed OT Ron Mikolajczyk to a future (1975) contract
  12 - Philadelphia signed CB Lorenzo Brinkley and OL Dennis Lozzi
  13 - Virginia signed C Ted Lachowicz
  13 - Jacksonville signed KR Travis Williams
  14 - Virginia franchise moved to Orlando, Florida; at first the franchise would be called the Orlando Suns, but because the Southern California team was called the "Sun", they changed it to the "Florida Blazers"
  14 - Chicago signed C Guy Murdock
  14 - Florida signed QB Eric Crone, K Les Perry and WR Henry Brown
  15 - Houston signed RB Virgil Robinson and DT Art May
  16 - Chicago signed OT Steve Wright
  16 - Portland signed WR Greg Specht
  16 - New York signed LB Gary Champagne
  17 - Portland signed OT Levert Carr to a future (1975) contract
  17 - Philadelphia signed OG Carl Schaukowitch
  17 - Detroit signed P Dale Livingston
  20 - Chicago signed RB/KR Clayton Heath
  21 - Florida signed DT Mike McBath and OT Rick Anthony
  21 - Portland signed TE Clark Hoss
  22 - Detroit signed LB Mike Taylor
  23 - Houston signed LB Kenny Price and DB Fletcher Smith
  24 - Southern California traded DE Jim Sullivan, DT Scott Palmer and two players to be named later to Philadelphia for LB/OG Tim Guy
  24 - Houston signed RB Paul Gipson
  28 - Houston signed WR/P John Odom, OT Robert Wells and DE John Baker
  29 - Chicago signed DE Dick Evey
  31 - The Hawaiians signed OT Al Oliver
  31 - New York signed DB Jimmy Sims
  31 - Portland signed DB Clancy Williams; announced free agent OT Mike Taylor, signed for 1975, has been freed from contract and will be able to play for the Storm in 1974
June 1 - Southern California traded DE Larry Estes to New York for WR Dave Williams
  1 - Chicago signed TE Mickey McCarty
  1 - New York signed DB Randy Beverly
  3 - New York signed RB Bob Gladieux
  3 - Chicago signed RB Cyril Pinder
  3 - Florida signed WR/KR Billy Walik
  4 - Florida signed DB Lenard Bryant
  6 - New York released DB Dave McMakin
  6 - Philadelphia signed OG Dave Joyner
  6 - Portland signed OT Richard Mason and HB Gary Lacy.
  7 - Southern California signed WR Dick Witcher to a future (1975) contract; released OG Larry Butler
  7 - Florida signed QB Buddy Palazzo and DE Louis Ross
  8 - Florida signed RB Tommy Reamon
  10 - Detroit signed LB Sam Britts, DE Mike Walker, DB/KR Rocky Long, OT Dennis Kemp and LB Dick Blanchard
  11 - Portland signed DT Glen Condren and DT Sam Silas
  11 - Florida signed OT Mitch Johnson
  11 - Chicago signed LB Ron Porter
  12 - Florida signed OG Rich Buzin
  12 - Portland signed OT Gene Fergsuon
  12 - Memphis announced OT Ron Mikolajczyk, signed for 1975, has been freed from contract and will play for Southmen in 1974
  14 - Philadelphia traded DB Bill Craven to Florida for sixth-round draft choice
  17 - New York signed P Robbie Reynolds
  18 - Birmingham traded C Wimpy Winther to Detroit for OG Joe O'Donnell
  19 - Houston signed QB Don Trull
  20 - New York signed WR Al Barnes to a future (1975) contract
  24 - Florida signed LB Larry Grantham
  25 - Florida signed TE John Hilton
  25 - Jacksonville signed QB Kim Hammond
  27 - Southern California re-acquired DE Wes Grant from Portland for future considerations
  27 - Birmingham signed DE Butch Brezina
  28 - New York signed QB Brian Dowling to a future (1976) contract
  28 - Chicago traded RB Don Madden and LB Mike Riley to Philadelphia for seventh-round draft choice

NOTE: The WFL Transactions page was researched and compiled by Mark Speck.