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Los Angeles Times, October 8, 1974


Two World Football League teams, Detroit and Jacksonville, will not play this week and maybe not for the rest of the season, commissioner Gary Davidson said Monday.

"Neither one is ready to play, financially or emotionally," he said.

Both were to play Wednesday, Jacksonville at home against Florida and Detroit in Chicago. Instead Florida will play at Chicago.

"We hope the postponement is just a temporary thing," Davidson said, "and that the games can be rescheduled later in the season.

"However, present ownership has been unable to meet financial obligations for several weeks and the league can no longer carry the teams operation and player contracts unless financial support comes forth in the two cities.

"Unless there is some indication of immediate involvement by new investors, other teams in the WFL will select Detroit and Jacksonville players in a draft-like procedure later in the week. But economically it is not feasible for the league to continue to subsidize these two teams."