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WFL Jumpers

The following players were on active rosters in 1974 with either the NFL or CFL, and played out their options or were in the process of playing out their options to join the World Football League.

Ross Brupbacher, LB Chicago, NFL Birmingham '74
L.C. Greenwood, DE Pittsburgh, NFL Birmingham '75
Charley Harraway, RB Washington, NFL Birmingham '74
Ron Jessie, WR Detroit, NFL Birmingham '75
George Mira, QB Montreal, CFL Birmingham '74
Jim Mitchell, TE Atlanta, NFL Birmingham '75
Mike Montgomery, RB Dallas, NFL Birmingham '75
Jethro Pugh, DT Dallas, NFL Birmingham '76
Paul Robinson, RB Houston, NFL Birmingham '74
Ken Stabler, QB Oakland, NFL Birmingham '76
Larry Willingham, DB St.Louis, NFL Birmingham '74
Rayfield Wright, OT Dallas, NFL Birmingham '77

Ken Stabler discusses his Birmingham contract while Americans owner Bill Putnam and wife Debbie look on.

Virgil Carter, QB San Diego, NFL Chicago '74
Bob McKay, OT Cleveland, NFL Chicago '75
Warren McVea, RB Kansas City, NFL Detroit '74
Mike Taylor, LB NY Jets, NFL Detroit '74
Bill Bergey, LB Cincinnati, NFL Florida '76
Bob Davis, QB New Orleans, NFL Florida '74
Fred Hoaglin, C Baltimore, NFL Florida '75
Cecil Turner, WR Chicago, NFL Florida '75
Perry Williams, RB Green Bay, NFL Florida '75

NFL All-Pro's Calvin Hill and Ted Kwalick signed contracts with the Hawaiians to play during the 1975 WFL season.

Vince Clements, RB NY Giants, NFL Hawaiians '75
John Douglas, LB NY Giants, NFL Hawaiians '75
Ron East, DT San Diego, NFL Hawaiians '74
Ed Flanagan, C Detroit, NFL Hawaiians '75
Richmond Flowers, DB NY Giants, NFL Hawaiians '75
John Gilliam, WR Minnesota, NFL Hawaiians '75
Edd Hargett, QB Houston, NFL Hawaiians '75
Calvin Hill, RB Dallas, NFL Hawaiians '75
John Isenbarger, WR San Francisco, NFL Hawaiians '75
Randy Johnson, QB NY Giants, NFL Hawaiians '75
Ted Kwalick, TE San Francisco, NFL Hawaiians '75
Jim Sniadecki, LB San Francisco, NFL Hawaiians '75
John Wilbur, OG Washington, NFL Hawaiians '75
Greg Wojcik, DT San Diego, NFL Hawaiians '74
Bob Creech, LB Philadelphia, NFL Houston '74
Craig Morton, QB Dallas, NFL Houston '75

Richmond Flowers announcing he will sign with the Hawaiians for the 1975 season, but was cut by the New York Giants, and played for the Houston Texans during the 1974 season.

Guy Dennis, OG Detroit, NFL Jacksonville '75
Chip Glass, TE Cleveland, NFL Jacksonville '75
Fair Hooker, WR Cleveland, NFL Jacksonville '75
Ray Nettles, LB British Columbia, CFL Jacksonville '75
Bob Parrish, DE NY Jets, NFL Jacksonville '75
Larry Smith, RB Los Angeles, NFL Jacksonville '75
Harmon Wages, RB Atlanta, NFL Jacksonville '75

On March 31, 1974 the Toronto Northmen signed Paul Warfield, Jim Kiick, and Larry Csonka.

Larry Csonka, RB Miami, NFL Memphis '75
John Harvey, RB Montreal, CFL Memphis '75
Jim Kiick, RB Miami, NFL Memphis '75
D.D. Lewis, LB Dallas, NFL Memphis '75
Paul Warfield, WR Miami, NFL Memphis '75

Stars owner Bob Schmertz signs former Jets DT John Elliott for the 1974 season. Gerry Philbin displays his Stars helmet after signing contract to jump to the WFL.

Al Barnes, WR Detroit, NFL NY Stars '75
Carter Campbell, DE NY Giants, NFL NY Stars '75
Brian Dowling, QB New England, NFL NY Stars '76
John Elliott, DT NY Jets, NFL NY Stars '74
John Fuqua, RB Pittsburgh, NFL NY Stars '76
Gerry Philbin, DE Philadelphia, NFL NY Stars '74
Steve Chomyszak, DT Cincinnati, NFL Philadelphia '75
Ron Holiday, WR San Diego, NFL Philadelphia '75
Hise Austin, DB Green Bay, NFL Portland '75
Ron Billingsley, DT New Orleans, NFL Portland '75
Levert Carr, OT Houston, NFL Portland '75
Tom Drougas, OT Baltimore, NFL Portland '76
Rocky Rasley, OG Detroit, NFL Portland '76
Mike Taylor, OT St.Louis, NFL Portland '74
Steve Thompson, DT NY Jets, NFL Portland '75
Clancy Williams, DB Washington, NFL Portland '74
Curley Culp, DT Kansas City, NFL Southern California '75
Daryle Lamonica, QB Oakland, NFL Southern California '75
Bob Newton, OT Chicago, NFL Southern California '76
Dave Williams, WR Pittsburgh, NFL Southern California '74
Dick Witcher, TE San Francisco, NFL Southern California '75

WFL Jumpers - Craig Morton Press Conference
Date - April 11, 1974
Location - Houston, Texas
NOTE: Video is courtesy of the G. Williams Jones Collection at SMU
Brief clip of Craig Morton announcing he is jumping to WFL.

QB Craig Morton announces he is leaving the Dallas Cowboys to sign with the Houston Texans as owner, R. Steven Arnold looks on.

WFL Jumpers - Daryle Lamonica Press Conference
Date - April 16, 1974
Location - Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, California
Brief clip of Daryle Lamonica announcing he is jumping to WFL.

QB Daryle Lamonica leaves the Oakland Raiders for the Sun as Curley Morrison and Marlin McKeever look on.

Commissioner Chris Hemmeter and his parade of WFL stars for the 1975 season. (L to R) Hemmeter, Paul Warfield, Calvin Hill, Jim Kiick, John Gilliam, and Larry Csonka. Bell owner John Bosacco welcomes Ted Kwalick after his contract with the Hawaiians was transferred to Philadelphia for 1975.

Below is a list of notable players who also jumped to the WFL from either the NFL or CFL. They were either released or played out their options or came out of retirement.

Pete Beathard, QB Portland '74
Ken Bowman, C Hawaiians '75
Jim Cadile, OG Hawaiians '74
Rick Cassata, QB Hawaiians '75
Gary Collins, WR Florida '74
Ben Davidson, DE Portland '74
Jim Evenson, RB Portlant '75
Ben Hawkins, WR Philadelphia '75
Don Horn, QB Portland '75
Leroy Kelly, RB Chicago '74
Ike Lassiter, DE Jacksonville '74
John Matuszak, DE Houston '74
Don Maynard, WR Houston '74
Earl McCullouch, WR Portland '75
Chip Myrtle, LB Jacksonville '75
Jim Nance, RB Houston '74
Carleton Oats, DE Jacksonville '74
Dave Parks, TE Southern California '74
Joe Robb, DE Houston '74
Tim Rossovich, LB Philadelphia '74
George Sauer, WR NY Stars '74
Jerry Tagge, QB San Antonio '75
Duane Thomas, RB Hawaiians '75
Dick Thornton, DB Memphis '74
Steve Wright, OT Chicago '74

John Matuszak of the NFL's Houston Oilers signed with the WFL's Houston Texans during the 1974 season, but only played one game as the courts ordered him back to the NFL. Portland Thunder GM Bob Brodhead (third from left) and head coach Greg Barton (far right) introduce Don Horn (left) and Earl McCullouch to the Portland media on June 12, 1975.

Below is a list of some of the notable rookies who jumped to the WFL instead of signing with the NFL teams that drafted them in 1974. Some players were drafted by one WFL team, but played for a different team.

Buddy Brown, OG NY Giants Birmingham
Mark Kellar, RB Minnesota Chicago
Chuck Ramsey, K New England Chicago
Greg Latta, TE Baltimore Florida
Tommy Reamon, RB Pittsburgh Florida
Jeff Sevy, OT Chicago Hawaiians
Norris Weese, QB LA Rams Hawaiians
Mike Townsend, DB Minnesota Jacksonville
Keith Krepfle, TE Philadelphia Jacksonville
JJ Jennings, RB Kansas City Memphis
Lucious Selman, DT New England Memphis
Danny White, QB Dallas Memphis

Memphis GM Leo Cahill with QB Danny White.

Matt Herkenhoff, OT Kansas City NY Stars
James McAlister, RB Oakland Southern California
Kermit Johnson, RB San Francisco Southern California
Booker Brown, OT Houston Southern California

The World Football League did not hold a College Draft for the 1975 season, but the Southern California Sun did sign two of the biggest stars coming out of college for the '75 season. The Sun were able to land Running Back Anthony Davis who was the runner up for the 1974 Heisman trophy, and was drafted in the second round by the New York Jets. They also signed Quarterback Pat Haden who was a teammate of Davis' at USC, and was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in round seven of the 1975 NFL Draft.

Anthony Davis at a Sun press conference after signing contract. Pat Haden in a Sun uniform after signing with WFL instead of the NFL Rams.