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July 1974

Kickoff time in July?

By Marty Glickman, Sports Director, Home Box Office

It is for the World Football League with Home Box Office covering the Philadelphia Bell (that's right, no "s") against the Portland Storm on July 10.

This is the first of a schedule of Philadelphia and New York Stars games that HBO will be showing this summer and fall.

New faces as well as some familiar former National Football League talent, plus a wide-open style of play should make this first WFL season exciting. Babe Parilli, coach of the Stars, summed it all up very well. The former University of Kentucky All-American and long time pro quarterback told the New York Times.

"Without films, scouting reports or exhibitions to fall back on, your guess is as good as mine. One thing for sure - it will be something different."

Viewers will be seeing goal post at the back of the end zone, college style; the ball returned to the line of scrimmage on missed field goal attempts from beyond the 20-yard line; kickoffs from the 30- instead of the 40-yard line; the fair catch barred on punts, and other changes. Since the National Football League later adopted many of these same changes, the earlier WFL start also will preview what's to come in the older NFL.

WFL games add still more variety to what surely must be the widest selection of different sports ever offered by a single television channel during concurrent periods of time.

Just look at one single week of the July schedule for example. Beginning on Sunday, July 7, there's Professional Bowlers Association from San Jose, California. Monday is boxing night from Madison Square Garden's Felts Forum, and on Tuesday and Thursday it's World Team Tennis, and Wednesday World Football League.